our approach


we believe that catalytic investments can solve the unique problems associated with global health issues in africa and other developing regions.

IMPACTx10 provides strategic expertise to stakeholders aiming to maximize the global health benefits of new technologies. Our team of international experts offer a range of consulting and business planning services, designed to build sustainable portfolios of novel healthcare products in developing countries.

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who we are

Governments and charities do not have sufficient capital nor the skill set required to solve the world’s most pressing health problems.  The Impact Investment sector is emerging as a partial answer to the twin challenges that these realities present: Impact Investment unlocks substantial capital to build a more sustainable and equitable global economy while providing solutions to pressing health issues.

Emerging investments across multiple health and technology asset classes can provide investors with substantial social impact, while still generating positive financial returns. The old binary system -- the widely-held belief that for-profit investment could only maximise financial return and social purpose could only be pursued through charity -- is breaking down.


"PE firms are investing in an ever-widening array of businesses. Perhaps most importantly, PE firms bring to the table far more than just the capital needed... The most compelling firms are those that can help companies articulate and execute a well-defined strategy that brings to bear significant operational expertise, financial discipline and good governance.”  -- Ernst & Young 2015 Annual Report on PE Activity in Africa